"We are indebted to Lisa for providing such an innovative perspective on the world around us. In the tumultuous world of 2017, hers is both an exciting and calming voice."  

Fresh! Solo Show Bio
St. Marys Station Studios and Gallery / January 2017

Artists Statement​

Artist's like me are lucky because, when we look out at the world, we see stunning possibilities everywhere!

Approach: An artist friend once suggested that I avoid an excess of formal arts training. Too many classes, she felt, could hinder the development of my personal style. This made sense to me and I’ve been happily teaching myself ever since.


My general approach is, as James Taylor once said, to “try not to try too hard.” Tight, careful lines don’t really capture my fancy. Artistic expressions that are loose, free, spontaneous and genuine have always been much more interesting and beautiful to me.

Process: I typically start by laying down a very simple painting, then stepping back to determine what layers, texture or depth will bring the work to life. Other times, I create a moderately detailed pencil sketch, so I can add pigment quickly and freely. Once in a blue moon, I really immerse myself in an object and paint all the elements just as I see them. I know a piece is done when it holds my attention and draws my eye from one place to another within the painting. I use a lot of pigment - mostly watercolour, sometimes pastels, lately acrylic. My style can be primitive or folksy, often playful, always intense and richly hued. I love natural shapes, interesting lines and growing things. 


Influences: Early artistic influences include Fruit Stripe Gum and Crayola Crayons (the epic 64 pack with built-in sharpener). Later inspirations include the stained glass windows and whimsical florals of Marc Chagall, the “close up” work of Georgia O’Keefe, the writings of SARK and the whimsical painted furniture of Mackenzie-Childs. I also adore artwork by and for children, including illustrations by Silke Leffler and Etienne Delessert.